How to search on Google effectively?

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Google is the World’s largest search engine and the first choice of people for searching almost anything. Find below the best tips and tricks to search on Google to make your searching techniques more powerful.


For getting definition of any word: Type in Google :- define: life

Calculator: Another exciting feature of Google is that we can also use Google Search Calculation on keyword.

Result :- definitions of the word life


Find linked pages of a Website: For finding any website linked pages just need to type in Google the following:

link: (find linked pages)

Type in Google :- link:


(Search within a Price range)

Type in Google :- LG Google Nexus 5  $300…$500


Safesearch: If you want to filter out the adult content follow the following in Google

Type in Google :- safesearch: Action Movies

Type in Google :- Samsung mobile

Result :- the words “samsung” and “mobile”


Type in Google :- Best Places OR Top Places

Result :- either the word “Best Places”or the word “Top Places”

How to Find Exact Result with Google: If you are looking for exact result for your query just keep your search term in inverted commas and Google will display the results which match exact term.

For Example: Type in Google :- “Five Places to See Before You Die”

Result :- Google will shows the result with  exact phrase “Five Places to See Before You Die”

Using Calculator with Google: We all know that in Google we can do calculations but not many people know that we can use calculations in your search term.


Use Subtraction and Addition in your Search Term:

Type in Google :- beautiful -flowers

Result :- The word  “beautiful” appear on your search but not the word “flowers”

Using Addition in your Search Term

Type in Google :- The Amazing Spiderman +2

Result :- movie title including the number 2

Search for Related Web Pages: You just need to type on Google related with Website title. For Example: Type in Google :- related:


How to view Cache Pages on Google: Cache refer to the temporary storage and Google takes the snapshot of web pages when their crawler examines the website.

Type in Google :-


Search Keywords in Page Title: You need to type in Google   allintitle: (your keyword)

Type in Google :- allintitle: ”Luxury” Holidays

Google will display all the result which includes “luxury” word in the page title.



Prince Bhatia

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  1. I wasn’t aware about How to search on Google effectively? & I was just looking to know Google effectively Search but finally I came to know & feeling good (y)

  2. These tips are helpful if you want the exact results. One can see the best and quick results with these commands on Google. Thanks Mr. Bhatia for writing such a nice article.

  3. You are absolutely right Preeti. This will make search more targeted and provide us the information what exactly we are looking for. Thanks!!!

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