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There is a lot of fuss about prices of gadgets in different countries, the cost of electronics depend on several factors like import duty, local taxes, profit, demand and supply. Due to these factors some countries have cheaper prices than others. We created the list of best and cheapest countries to buy electronic goods.

1. USA

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USA: Undoubtedly USA is one of the biggest  market for electronic products in the world. In the United States, companies sell considerably higher number of products there, the costs like transportation, storage are reduced and because of high volumes, they can be sold at a much lower profit and still big money can be made. Also, it is the home of Google and Apple World’s most powerful brands in the field of technology.


2. HongKong

Best places to buy electronics in HogKng

Hong Kong is the hub of technology in Asia and gadgets are  30% cheaper from US depending on the item due to lower taxes and import cost but do aware that most of the products sold there are either fakes, counterfeits, or products of very low quality. If you buy something in Hong Kong, be careful. Lots of tourists buy things thinking they’re real and get fakes. It is advisable to check the reviews of the place or take help from your local people to avoid any hassle later.

Popular places to buy lectronics in HongKong are:

  • Sai Yeung Choi St
  • Mong Kok
  • Tsim Sha Tsui


3. Singapore


Singapore : Singapore is the first choice of many people for buying electronics, not only gadgets are  cheaper in Singapore but also Tourists can claim the 7 % if the items not for use in Singapore. Moreover, Singapore is a free tax country which is one of the main reasons that gadgets are cheaper in Singapore. Some of the popular places to buy electronics in Singapore are:

  • Funnam Digital Mall
  • Mustafa Centre
  • Sim Lim Square
  • Mustafa Center

4. Dubai, UAE



Dubai: Dubai is also known as the shopping paradise whether it comes for apparels or electronics brands. Dubai is also the tax free country which means product is available at actual cost without any additional cost of import duty and local taxes. In Dubai, except LCD/ LED TVs, most of the other electronic gadgets are expensive. If you are going to Dubai do buy the LED. Do remember  LED/ LCD above 40″” and above cost additional money around 150 Dirham to bring on most Airlines.

Popular places to buy electronics in Dubai:

  • Jumbo Electronics
  • Sharaf DG

5. Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok: It is also one of the leading places to buy electronics like  LED, LCD along with phones at some unbelievable prices. There are a number of malls dedicated to electronics only .But one should aware that there are some shops which also sells fakes  of original gadgets and it is not easy to differentiate between them. You just need to buy electronics from trusted stores and shops like the big mega-malls of MBK (BTS National Stadium) and Paragon (BTS Siam) have mountains of selections. For an entire mall of laptops cameras and a smaller selection of phones head to Pantip Plaza, just near BTS Ratchathewi.



Prince Bhatia

2 Comments to Cheapest Countries to buy electronics

  1. Well India would have cheaper things but with the low and week condition of Indian rupee it is not possible. All these countries you have mentioned either have strong money structure or they have no corruption.

    May be in 10-20 years India could be the place to buy electronic on the decent money. Other wise you have to buy iPhone at 55k which is originally priced t 40k. :)

    • Prince Bhatia

      Yes, agree with your points. In addition, there are lot of taxes in India along with import duty, vat, middleman share which makes the prices of gadgets quite expensive.
      Thanks for the comment :)

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